Sunday, May 3, 2009

Journey Cover Band Tricks Bamboozle Crowd

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In one of the cleverest stunts I've heard of in recent times, the young crowd at the massive Bamboozle Fest in New Jersey were treated to a surprise set by a band that has surged in popularity among the scene-haircut set: Journey. Or so they thought.

A surprise four-song set turned out to be by an excellent Journey cover band called Evolution -- but the crowd was in no position to know the difference and all thought they were being given a surprise set by the 70s megastars (and in this writer's opinion, the godfathers of corporate rock, the original Creed, and a band not worthy of a 3-decades-later resurgence... but that's just me.)

Despite my crotchety protestations and snobbery, I have to hand it to the producers of Bamboozle for giving the fans such a surprise, which clearly was well received. Hopefully this won't trigger a full-scale Journey reunion once they see what a gang of imitators from the Isle of Long are capable of.

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  1. You old-timers with your Fugazi on your Walkmans need to simmer down and let the youth have their corporate-approved cock-rockish yodeling.
    Why, if you had your way, music might still matter as a force for change in the zeitgeist - get with the program, Gramps.


    All seriousness restored, although I can certainly understand why many view Journey as a mawkish, formulaic throwback to pre-punk musical elitism (and I might be one of those too, ultimately...sad, sad)...At least they could sing and play, unlike those talent-challenged dirt merchants Creed and their wallpaperish ditties.