Monday, May 4, 2009

Specter leaves GOP, even crappier Senators move up the ranks

Yet another reason I'm not so psyched to have Arlen Specter on my team.

Jeff Sessions, a raging bigot who was denied a judgeship in Alabama for his being so, is now the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee. This is the committee that prosecutes voter fraud, which is as real as unicorns and Santa and involves a paranoid fantasy of a shadowy conspiracy of African-Americans rigging elections. I'd much rather see a committee of African-Americans forming a committee to investigate voter fraud among Republicans but that's a whole other story.

Anywhoo, Jesse Jackson Jr. has a wonderful enumeration of Sessions's history of wonderful remarks (h/t alpolitics at DK) that put him in league with George Allen and Michael Richards, and will all make you wonder if we really benefit when we have to get a "Good for a Republican" Senator to switch ranks and have to bow to his feet, and then give promotions to some of the worst ones in order to replace him. I say Meh.

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